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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Story Time

EDIT: Holy crap, this shit uploaded small. Sorry, if for some reason you want a bigger version, I can email it to you.

I finally managed to draw some quick-and-dirty storyboards, a mere twenty minutes before the deadline. They're not as cool as Isam's, but they get the job done.

Quick description because I didn't write on the boards themselves: the old man walks through his home (camera pans west), and he sees the book. After looking to see if there's anyone around to disturb him, he grins toothlessly to the audience and runs to an armchair with the novel (the running is not shown because I got a little stuck with how I wanted to compose the shot, but I'll figure it out soon). Cut to a close shot of the old man clutching the book in his trembling hands, and just as he is about to read, a hand claps his shoulder. Camera pans north to reveal Death standing over the old man. Death indicates it's time to go, and the old man weakly protests. Death considers, then says no. The old man hangs his head in disappoinment. That may or may not be the end, I don't want to over extend myself because I'm easily discouraged.

- - - - - - - - -


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